Nightwear Snelly L'Originale, 'Sweet & Happy' Brown

Snelly L'Originale
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Snelly L'Originale
Product code - SKU 1719


  • Nightwear Snelly L'Originals 50% cotton / 50% polyester, superior quality.

    Intimate underwear and homewear under the Snelly brand are produced with a high quality, tradition, quality of the materials used and also thanks to the unique design that bears the Italian style signature. Over 30 years of experience spoke when it comes to lingerie such as pajamas or night shirts made from 'punto milano' a warm material, made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This fabric is special, slightly velvety on the inside to skin contact. Sensation is guaranteed to be unique.

    The quality of Snelly products is outstanding, the concept, approach and design being made in Italy, and the products are made depending on models in Albaania or India. These factories, even if not in Italy, are the property of the same brand Snelly L'Originale, the manufacturing and control process being a very demanding one for maintaining the very high quality of Snelly products, already distributed and known worldwide.

    We strongly recommend testing Snelly L'Originale products!

    Our company is Snelly L'Originale Certified Partner in Romania, which guarantees the authenticity of all the products purchased on our website

Nightwear Snelly L'Originale, 100% Cotton, 'Day Of Love'

Code: 1719
Brand: Snelly L'Originale
Decollete shape: Round
Form of the sleeves: Long sleeve
Material: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester
Color: Brown
Shirt details
- 5 functional buttons at the base of the neck
- print with very delicate and elegant spikes
- Chestnut ornament in the shape of a heart with a bottom
Every Snelly L'Originale 'night shirts are delivered in their original packaging, their own carton box, inscribed and personalized with the brand' Snelly L'Originale '
Measuring Instructions

- It is recommended that measures be taken directly on the body,
- Bust measurement is done under the arms, around the trunk, over the more prominent side of the bust, keeping the centimeter light,
- the waist measurement is made in the waist area taking the navel point as the point of orientation; keep the centimeter light during the measurement,
- the hip measurement should be approximately 20 cm below the waist, over the prominent area of ​​the basin, holding the centimeter light,
- when you hesitate between two measures, we recommend that you choose a larger measure,
- If your lack of size persists, do not hesitate to email us by specifying the body size, and we will suggest the right size or you can contact us by calling one of the phones listed on the front page

The marketed product is in accordance with the photograph presented; the shade or color intensity may vary depending on the monitor.

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